Journée déconnectée


Real world

Social medias are our daily

Everyone wants to be shiny

We don’t live for us

Even when we take the bus

We are hooked on our screens

That is what makes us teens

We don’t enjoy the little things of life

People views hurt us like a knife

We should find solutions

To finely go out of illusions

Leave our devices for one day

Could show you the good way

This challenge may open your eyes

You have to try to realize

Everything you post is written on stone

So spend more time with your loved one

Instead of being obsessed by the net

Would you be hit by regrets ?

Behind all of these fake smiles

Their happiness are at many miles

Don’t forget the real world

That was our last word.

Julie & Laure pour la journée déconnectée organisée au lycée

Décembre 2018

Bilan 2e édition de la journée déconnectée :

La journée déconnectée s’est déroulée le mardi 11 décembre dans le lycée. L’objectif premier était de prendre du recul face à notre usage intensif des écrans et de réfléchir à notre relation à autrui.

Toutes les classes de seconde ont travaillé sur la déconnexion et les réseaux sociaux en cours d’anglais durant l’année scolaire. Huit classes de seconde étaient directement concernées par la représentation théâtrale de la compagnie Les Désaxés et ont pu discuter et débattre à la suite des improvisations.

D’autres débats ou saynètes ont également eu lieu en classe d’anglais dans la semaine avant les vacances de Noël. Certains élèves ont même poussé plus loin l’expérimentation en tentant de déconnecter sur les quinze jours de congés.

Les autres élèves du lycée ont également pu expérimenter la journée déconnectée et prendre part aux activités comme un ‘blind test’ musical, jeux géants en salle polyvalente, et jeux collaboratifs encadrés par la ludothèque ‘Interlude’. En parallèle, un concours de hip-hop avait été organisé par deux collègues d’EPS et des mini-débats sur la déconnexion dans le monde de l’entreprise par les élèves de 1STMG.

Bien qu’il y ait encore des récalcitrants et des élèves qui semblent toujours autant accros aux écrans, cette journée a rencontré un vif succès auprès des élèves qui ont pu témoigner de cette expérimentation.

Témoignage en anglais de Raphaël, élève de 2nde sur la journée déconnectée

What ? Unplug for a whole day?

Unplugged day was a special day of the school year, indeed, Tuesday December 11th, 2018 we had a challenge : not to use screens for the whole day. Some have succeeded, some haven’t and I personally did it easily because I couldn’t use my phone.

In fact, I had a peculiar unplugged day because I already had no phone for a month, it was unfortunately broken, indeed, one day I woke up and it couldn’t be turned on, how woeful… But for Christmas I had a brand new one, so that’s cool. Anyway, I had an unplugged month instead of an unplugged day. Experiencing such a defiance was really useful for me, in fact, I’ve quickly noticed many positive things that brought me this no-phone month. I‘ve noticed that the time I used to spend on my phone was extremely gainful and primary to wake up easier and faster in the morning, to be less tired at school and not to be as absent-minded and distracted as when I had my phone anymore. Yet, I also noticed that there was another side to the coin. You can’t communicate remotely with friends or family, so it makes everyday life even harder (but may it be another challenge?), when you don’t have any phone or any watch, you can’t know the exact current time and that’s quite disturbing. Sometimes, you also need to be abstracted by some music, video games or readings like in the bus where we quickly get bored, so you really need a phone or an MP3.

When they were younger, our ancestors used to send letters, not to send e-mails or SMS while today our generation is focused on new technologies, it makes people more introvert than ever, because now they can talk to people they don’t even meet or know and I think that it’s cool because you can talk each other with people around the world in a second, but now nobody gets out and tries to make friends in real life, so I find that really sad. The suicide rate on teens from 5 to 17 is also scarily rising, it has doubled from 2008 to 2015 and the reason is mostly because of the internet and all the challenges. Indeed, I’ve read a startling study about this, and now teens commit suicides younger and younger because of these challenges like the most famous one “the blue whale” which makes you do depressing things every day, (so you get depressed) and then, the challenge tells you to commit a suicide (in fact, the challenge can’t tell you to do things, it’s someone that threatens you if you decide to stop the challenge), teens also decide to pass away because of mockery at school about internet again.

To wrap it up, all I want to say is that I experienced a bit more than a whole month without a smartphone, this made me realize things, and now even if I have a new one, I have new habits, making my life even greater, so maybe should we experience unplugged days several times a year knowing the fact that it was really useful for me and perhaps it could be or it already is for others. Are you ready to take up the challenge?