Posters World Population Day

Ces affiches proposées par L’ONU reprennent certaines des thématiques du World Population Day qui a lieu tous les 11 juillet. Des élève de 3ème du collège Jean Lachenal  ont proposé de courtes réactions sur deux d’entre elles… en anglais, of course !


We could work on laws to protect every woman and girl and make things change ! They should live without being afraid. It’s not too late and together we can fight against violence. (PAUL)

We can make donations to help women and young girls in the world. Everything could be possible if we reacted at the same time and everywhere in the world. Violence in houses must be forbidden and punished by law. It makes me so sick the way women are treated sometimes! (TIANA)

So many women are victims of violence, things must change. We can launch a campaign to make people react, to make them be aware of this problem … (ELISE)

Violence is part of our world, in particular against women. They are also victims of discrimination. We are all equal, men and women and mentalities have to change quickly. They can lead their own lives. It is time to create more associations to show everybody that women have rights! (ALEXANDRE)

Humans should be equal nowadays. It’s so unfair the way humans are treated sometimes. It makes me so upset … (JULIETTE)

If we paid more attention to people around us, at school, at work or even in the street, we could realize that equality is not respected. People suffer from discrimination everywhere. (MUHAMED)

There are so many differences between countries and between people! If I had to change one thing in the world it would be to stop inequalities. Everybody should have a chance to succeed, should be happy and have access to education for example! Let’s do something! (ORANE)

Things have already been done to reduce inequality in some countries. It is not enough and there is still so much to do! We must do more to make sure people in the whole world are treated the same way. (KLARA)